Attendance Management

With Alexa softalbsAttendance Management system, you can now create and manage shifts more efficiently, define the attendance policies of your organization, efficiently track every employee’s in and out time and record the work-from-home and out-duty attendance situations. All this, and much more is possible with our attendance management system.

  • You can easily create and manage shifts for all the employees across every team. You can assign particular shifts for different categories of employees based on their departments, the employee types, and office locations.
  • By studying the patterns of attendance, you can define and decide upon various policies that will help your organization in maintaining a steady attendance, with no huge gaps. The software equips you will all the necessary information for making it happen.
  • Employees will have an easier time recording their attendance. This system actually ‘talks’ to the employees with the help of the personal biometric system. There will not be any need for the physical attendance of employees. Nothing will make your life easier than this software.
  • Whichever employees are working from home at the moment, you won’t need a separate system for them. This one system will record their statuses as well, sparing you the headache of taking confirmations and keeping records.
  • The biometric system is state of the art and will provide you real time data about all the attendance related happenings. There will not be any further need to invest in a new and expensive fingerprint reading device. Our one software will take care of all your constraints and concerns.

A happy work team leads to better efficiency. And out attendance management system will give you a much happier and informed work team. Gradually, the device will do its magic and have a very positive impact on your day to day operations and revenue.