Branding Solutions

A brand is an asset of differentiating promises that links a product to its promises that links a product to its customers customer

A brand represents a known, trusted quality for people while generic products are less known, people, less trusted. Brand building is less trusted. Brand building is expensive and needs long expensive and needs long-term support.

Overbranding and generic promotion makes sense because branding is expensive and requires.Limited budgets are less Limited budgets are less forgiving and call for best forgiving and call for bestpractice tactic.

The nature of the product will largely determine. For example drugs are generally marketed to health professionals and not directly to consumers.

Develop a comprehensive relationship with your private private-sector partners, beyond production only. They have extensive experience in product marketing and can provide expertise and marketsolutions.

Social products knock commercial firms out of the market, what happens when the donor support ends and revenues are not sufficient to maintain ends and the product in the marketplace.

Genetic branding promotion:

  • Promote the behavior desired
  • For example, protection against disease through vaccination’.

  • Promote the product category
  • For example, the routine use of anti-parasite use drugs.

    support both the generic and the commercial forms of products on themarketplace since our goal is greater health not greater market share.

Creating Brand Identity Creating Brand Identity

  • Brand as product
  • The functional issues of the functional issues of the brand the brand attributes, quality and value

  • Brand as organization
  • The credibility of the credibility of the organization behind the brand.

  • Brand as person
  • Brand customer relationship creating a bond between the creating a bond between the person and the brand.

  • Brand as symbol
  • It provides cohesion to the brand identity.

  • Branding solution:
    • Brand to enhance product value to commercial partners, and also to impart social value to users.
    • Support modest packaging and labeling for vaccines and drugs developed with public funds.
    • Do not invest in extensive brand marketing campaigns campaigns keep the promotional support keep the promotional support generic, which will also support commercial brands of our private brands partners.
    • Harness the marketing power and expertise of commercial partners to support both commercial andnon-commercial versions of the products.