Graphics Design

Graphic design is a profession of print or electronic design based on visual information for an advertisement, publication and websites.

Multimedia graphic designers work on printed and moving graphics that combine the use of art and technology. The field of graphic design generally focuses on the use of text and images to create illustrations for print productions and websites. Graphic designers with multimedia training can also create animations and visual effects to use in videos.

Types of graphic design:

  • Image-based design
  • The designer make an images to convey the ideas that his clients want to communication.

  • Text-based design
  • Designers rely on words to convey a message. They use words differently from the ways the writer does.

  • Image and type design
  • Designers use combined images and fonts to communicate a customer message to the audience.

  • Symbols, logos and type logos
  • These symbols and logos are highly informative forms and the identifier and logos are a cooperative identification based on typographic words.

Graphic design elements:


The line is used to guide the viewer's eyes or make the elements follow a straight path to add the search capability so that the viewer can easily pass from point 1 to point 2. The lines divide a space or separate the content into a design.


Shapes is used to fill creativity spaces to support the text and balance a design. It gives a structure of design and clarity.


Color is an important element of any design with a solid understanding of color theory, such as the perfect integration of color, the perfect integration of color with boldness and a brilliant subtlety.


The type can transform a message from simple text to work of art. The different sources are combined with custom alignments, spacing, size and color.


It is a smooth and glossy advertisement that may seem tangible with the texture. It gave him a tactile surface through his visual appearance.

Graphic design tools:


A traditional tool used to sketch. It is the fastest way to point the rough design.


Computers are now an essential place in every design toolkit. The hardware allows the designer to expand their creative freedom and maintain the sketchpad.


Special software such as Illustrator and Photoshop can help create illustrations, improve photographs, stylize text and synergize all the incredible designs of the pieces.

Graphic design application:

  • The graphic design contains typography in which typography is used for type design, type of glyph and ordered type.
  • Graphic design is applied to everything that is visual, such as the traffic signal to the scheme, the manual from the office to the reference.
  • It also applies to the identity of the company, such as logos, brand advertising. Graphic design plays an important role in brading services