Lead Management

Alexa softlabs is offering you a compact lead management software. Now you can see entire sales activities, detailed company and customer/contact records, and view all the communication history all in one. This way you can manage all your leads more efficiently, with expending too much time or effort.

Here are a few benefits this amazing software offers you:

  • With the help of Alexa softlabs lead management system, you can Cut down on the shear amount of hours you might be spending in preparing before making a sales call or an email. Alexa softlabs’s lead management software automatically generates emails even recorded calls and even draws up sales notes to a particular contact’s column, so you can hastily find the information you might be needing to get ready the perfect follow up.
  • Now, you don’t have to juggle multiple tools. You can have access to all the contact details and things you need for the follow up with all your leads in one central space.You can make sales calls, send out emails and much more without ever having to leave the system. Just a few clicks and the system will automatically assign the leads to the right and appropriate sales rep, based on the geographical distance and other factors. This brings down the hastle for the sales manager to a great extent.
  • With the help of Alexa softlabs free dashboard, you can see to how many sales calls have been made, emails have been sent, and meetings have been held. You can see the tasks that have been completed by your team. As a result, no lead will fall through the cracks due to inefficiency. Your team will be able to know exactly where to put efforts and what to do, in order to change a lead into a sale.