Logo Design

Logo design is the visual representation of a company or organization, which forms the foundation of its corporate identity. Its a name of symbol, monogram, trademark, or other graphic device designed for easy and definitive recognition by the company audience.

History of logos design:

Logo design has is a Ancient Greece with the use of symbols consisting of one or more letters. These typically represented the initial letters of a person or place for use on stationery and signs. Many early Greek and Roman coins bear the logos of rulers or town.

Now a days logos have become the faces of business. The general public has become very responsive to logos, their meanings, and their implementations. Because of the diversity of products and services available, the need for innovative and corporate identity design is central to a companysuccess.

Types of Logos:

Pictorial Marks and Combination Marks:

A pictorial mark is a drawing or image that is serves as visual identiļ¬er. They can range from simple line drawings to more complex illustrations.

Abstract and Symbolic Marks:

Abstract and symbolic marks are designs consisting of nonliteral representation. Abstract or symbolic, the logo can be interpreted in interesting and creative ways.


Typographic logos consist only of words and letters but can convey a sense of style and translate a message just as well as a logo containing an image.

Categories of Typography:

  • Wordmark
  • Letterforms
  • Monograms
  • Typographic


An emblem is a logo that includes a surrounding shape to help strengthen and solidify a logo. Emblem can enclose a name or a name with an illustration.

Important points for making logo:


The include too much information can have a negative impact. Complex illustrations representing all aspects of your business and long taglines are fine in their place. So simple logo is attractive.


Logos are use several colours, photographs and detail illustrations are difficult to use in certain application. So a good is very important for company.


Logos should help to distinguish a company or organization from others.


At this colour are introduced. Colour specification decision are based on understanding of color psychology, color theory, the contrast between colors, and the limitations of available printing budgets.


There many applications of logo. Some of are given below

Logos are used to

  • Websites
  • Stationary
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Billboards
  • Signs