Pay Per Click

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With the advent of technology the whole process of conducting business has changed radically. The dynamics of marketing has followed suit to keep in tandem with the meteoric rise of e-commerce. In other words, digital marketing has completely altered the face of the game and traditional techniques are withering away as more and more business is being conducted online. Digital advertising is capturing the whole market gradually and companies need to take another look at their marketing strategies not only to stay in the competition but to secure their future as well. Alexa Soft Labs is one the best companies providing the most effective digital marketing strategies and solutions.

What Pay per Click is and how it works

Pay per click is one of the most popular digital marketing techniques. It is a simple way of digital advertising with huge implications however, mostly in terms of generating money for the publishers. Like SEO or search engine optimization pay per click also depends on visibility in search results. Pay per click ads are also known as ‘banner ads’, as they basically act as advertisement banners for other companies. They are mostly attached to popular search engines like Google Adwords and Microsoft Bing Ads and come up in searches related to the relevant keywords, akin to SEO. Simply put, whenever a link is clicked the website owner or publisher gets paid, hence the service is called pay per click.

Pay per click is basically a link bearing an advertisement of a brand, product or company which is published in other popular websites by the advertiser. The publisher or owner gets money every time a link in the website is clicked. They are actually providing space for advertisements in their websites to generate money. When compared to the physical world, digital advertisements follow the same process in a virtual world. All the major websites publish advertisements promoting other brands while generating huge amounts of money. Social networking sites also use this strategy to earn their revenues. Large social media sites like Facebook or Twitter give space for advertisements and consequently both the advertiser and the websites conduct business in a highly successful and profitable manner. Ads in these social media sites reach out to a larger audience because of the population density of online visitors and subsequently the networks earn through pay per click.