Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of the company ensures its client of the safety and security of the data provided by the client to the company. The company uses the data in a very discrete way. Whenever the website is used it is made sure that the user gets a safe and protected browsing session. The website sometimes asks for some personal details.

The company passes on all the personal details on to the client’s telephone number to avoid any risk. For the secure collection of fees the company might send the data and information provided by the client to the service provider of the client’s mobile phone. The company might also send the client’s information to different governmental offices. It is not only limited to offices of district attorneys and courts.

The company takes the client’s privacy really seriously. The company is the sole gatherer f the information. It will not share any information with the third party without the consent of the client.


  • Personal data is collected by the company for keeping an internal record.
  • Emails related to various promotions about new products might be sent to the clients.
  • Special offers which might be useful to the client and the client will find interesting will be sent.
  • For market research the company might use the client’s information to contact them. The company might contact the client via phone, email, sms etc.
  • The client’s personal information is also used for the development of the website.
  • In order to customize the website according to wish of the client the information is used for web development.


Various measures have been taken to keep the client’s records in safe hands. Various managerial, physical an electronic methods are use for the security and protection of the information. To the company the safety and security of a client’s details is of foremost importance.


A small file which asks for permission to be placed in the hard drive f one’s computer is called a cookie. When the client allows it this file gets added to the computer. It informs the client when he/she visits a particular site. It also helps to analyze and determine the web traffic. It enables the application the client is using to respond to him/her as an individual. Log cookies dealing with traffic are use by the company to recognize the pages that are being used. The cookies are very useful. It also improves the website which caters to the need of the customers only. The personal information of the client is used only for statistical analysis only. All the information is deleted carefully once the statistical analysis is done. The cookie never allows to company to pry on the computer of the client.


Some links of other websites are present in the company’s website. One can use these links to browse other sites.

Along with the terms and conditions one needs to go through the privacy policy section as well before he/she signs the final contract.