Sales Management

As everything else has gone online, so has the comprehensive process of sales management. At every step of a potential sale, the salesman needs to made records. These records and notes need to be shared with the business on a regular basis. Hence the need for a sales management software. Alexa softlabs is here to the rescue.

Our sales management software will help you in turning potential customers into loyal clients. Your sales force be much happier with their job, as our software promises to reduce their manual efforts by a long shot. Much of the repeatable tasks will be automated with our sales management software, so the sales people can concentrate on more important tasks, such as identifying more potential customers. It can be deployed on a number of processors so you won’t have any trouble with its compatibility. The software offers you a free trial which will help you as well as your sales force in understanding the operations in detail, in order to ensure optimum utilisation. It can be worked upon at every odd hour. So you can be connected with the sales force at all times.

This software will perform the following functions:

  • Maintain a detailed customer database
  • Help you in managing the sales territories better
  • Give way a better email marketing system
  • Lead to a more fair and detailed commission distribution system
  • It will help the sales force in managing their leads better and generating attractive proposals
  • The management will have an easier time analysing and judging the performance of every individual sales person.
  • You will be able to generate a better sales forecast, as now, all the variables can be more accurately considered.

The system is absolutely free of bugs and won’t give you even a moment of disruption.