Sales Tracking

While making every single sale happen, you need to be aware of the details pertaining to it, that too in real time. The sales tracking software by Alexa labs can make that happen for you. Not only will all the information be at one place, but it will all be very accurate and sans omissions.

  • The basic issue with most sales software is that you will have to go juggle multiple tables totrack your sales. But the sales tracking software created by Alexa softlabspresents the whole sales funnel in its entirety, at all times. So you can quickly find out the status of each sale, who is engaging the customer and what kind of a response has been received by the customer. This makes the job of a sales manager a whole lot easier and automated.
  • To simplify the sales tracking process a little more, Alexa softlabs has built many filters in this sales tracking software. In only a few clicks, you can filter out leads in a sales pipeline by customers, products, various sources, different zones, your contacts or any particular combination of the above mentioned parties. This sort and filter feature helps you in tracking what benefits your sales process and what does not. You will be able to make decisions regarding what needs to be done to improve the entire process.
  • When it comes to analysing the data, nothing comes in handier than dashboards. With our sales tracking software, you will be able to see all the pending and completed sales in their entirety. The whole timeline will be right there before your eyes. This helps in making better decisions and understanding exactly what the sales team might be doing wrong. So, don’t waste any more time and reap the benefits for this investment.