Bulk SMS Services

Bulk SMS Redefined

Make use of our own Bulk SMS software and reach millions of customer at just a simple click. Certainly, you can realize the improvement in your productivity integrating our platform. Leverage our Bulk SMS software and take your communication to next level.

SMS Attachments

Our SMS attachment feature makes it
easy for you to attach brochures, PDFs, spreadsheets, word documents along with your SMS. We do not stop here we take you one step further and helps
you in tracking the clicks for your attachments.

Track Campaign Metrics

You can track the number of clicks you received for your attached file. This feature continuously allows you to improve your real-time campaign performance. You can avail the detailed click through
reporting about the people opened the

Mobile Solutions

Using this feature you can directly send voucher, loyalty card to your customer’s mobile. They can redeem this later at any time. Our software made the voucher creation and redemption work simple for you and your customers.

Integrate SMS APIs

You do not need to worry about the reliability about your SMS. We always make sure that your SMS is reliable and secure. The great SMS SPI feature helps you to pulling out results from surveys, attached mobile forms and more.

Send via App, Excel or Email

Our SMS platform makes the SMS sending job easy for you. It allows you to send through excel sheets, Via mobile app, you can also send through web interface, API’s and also through email gateway. You can also schedule your SMS for a later time

SMS Type

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS are a great way to send any offers or promotions to your customers. These promotional SMS can be sent to both new and existing customers. You can send promotional SMS to all Non DND numbers. Set up the free trail and experience the difference!!

Dear Customer, Season End Sale get 30% discount on the purchase of 5000Rs.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS are a great way to send OTP’s to the customers who are already registered. You can also send alert messages to the registered users using our Transactional SMS services. You can always send the transactional messages 24/7 from your sender ID.

Dear Customer, Your order number 123456 is delivered. Thank you for shopping with us!

Premium OTP SMS

We are best in the industry in sending OTP SMS. We greatly help the website developer and mobile developer to send OTP SMS for mobile verification, website registration and many more by providing our premium OTP SMS gateway.

Dear user, Your OTP is 000000. Please do not share the OTP with anyone for security reasons.