Social Media Otimization

Powerful tricks for social media optimization and building your brand

If you are thriving to increase your brand awareness online, then social media optimization (SMO) is an important factor. Unlike search engine optimization (seo), social media optimization (smo) has a vital role in the success of a brand/website.

Below given are some of the social media optimization techniques helps you to increase the awareness about your product or services.

Top 6 Effective Social Media Optimization Tips

1.Social Media Tools Integration

To increase your brand awareness it is always vital to blend your website with your social media profile. Many social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and more have a very domain authority. So it is always necessary to blend your website with these social profiles.

  • Social sharing buttons to be included in your website and also in your blog posts making easy for a user to share it across their social media profiles
  • You must also include your direct website links in your social media profiles
  • If you have login/sign-up feature then you must allow users to sign up using their social media credentials thereby you can increase your users for your website

2. Make sure you have a great content which is shareable

Unless you have an effective content which is engageable your audience will not be sharing it. So always make sure you have a great and impressive content that can engage your audience. Make sure that you always add eye catchy and media- rich elements to your webpages. Also try to include effective CTA(Call-To-Action) buttons into your content.

3.Effectively use social media analytics tools

It is always vital to monitor and improve your social media performance. Make sure to use the right social media analytics tools to improve the performance of your social media. There are some of the great premium analytics tools which costs you a bit but you will definitely get good insights using those tools.

Below are some of the metrics you need to analyse to optimize your social media

  • Your Audience Profile
  • Your Audience Size
  • Your Post Reach
  • Your Post engagement
  • Analyze the content you shared
  • Traffic your site receives through social media

4.Do not forget to use Hashtags

Hashtags always has an important role when comes to social media optimization. Hashtags are a great way for your audience to find you. Hashtags also helps you to find out the trending posts and social media post categorization. Find out the popular Hashtags in your niche and try to incorporate them in your social media posts.

5.Optimize your social media profiles

Optimizing the effective social media profiles is much important to take up your business to the next level. Gear up by optimizing the social media profiles by following simple tips below

  • Make sure to use the right sizes
  • Use same profile photo and timeline banner on all channels
  • Fill the bio on social media with engaging copy
  • Network with other influencers in your niche
  • Try to add your main keywords to your social profile

6. Make use of keywords and brand cover images

Always make sure to include important keyword for your business in your social media posting. Also concentrate on the brand cover images you are using on the timeline. Use attractive and eye catching banners mentioning your brand.